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Dread Zeppelin

유튜브에서 동영상을 찾던 중 Dread Zeppelin이라는 밴드가 튀어 나오길래 장난으로 만든 UCC용 밴드인 줄 알았는데 진짜로 활동하는 밴드다.

Dread Zeppelin is an American band best known for covering the songs of Led Zeppelin in a reggae style sung by an Elvis Presley impersonator named Tortelvis (Greg Tortell), though their act now encompasses many other songs and other styles of music. Led Zeppelin vocalist Robert Plant has said that Dread Zeppelin is his favorite Led Zeppelin cover band. [Dread Zeppelin]

Immigrant Song을 어떻게 소화하는지 먼저 원곡을 듣고

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